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Day 2 - Physical Sensations

Continue your free 7 day meditation course, with part 2.

Today's lesson is split in to two parts. After you finish part 1, take a break (if you want) and then contine to part 2.

Part 1

Part 2

Music by J.S. Epperson

Transcript (Part 1):

Whether sitting on the floor or on a chair, you must maintain an erect spine. Sit with confidence. Free yourself from the burdensome weight of the body by lifting your spine upwards. Feel your chest open, pulling your torso up. This upright posture helps you breathe and increases blood flow.

Close your eyes and hold this position, focusing on your breathing.

(4 Minutes)

Continue when you are ready

Transcript (Part 2):

Return to your upright, confident position. Whenever a distracting thought enters your mind, return to the cadence of your breathing. Feel the oxygen enter your body as you breathe in, and let distracting thoughts dissipate as you breathe out.

(3 Minutes)

Reflect on the physical sensations you felt.