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Day 3 - Thoughts & Posture

Here is day 3 of your free meditation course.

Today we continue with a 6 minute continuous meditation, with an emphasis on good posture.

Music by J.S. Epperson


As you breathe in and out, free yourself from the burdens of the past, present, and future. Release external forces from your mind and allow your body to soften in relaxation. As you exhale, continue the softening process by easing the tension in your face, allowing the jaw to rest freely and the teeth to float. Without slouching, relax your shoulders.

Stay within the immediacy of your experience. When you are in a meditative state for an extended period of time, you may experience a variety of discomforts. It is fine to note these uncomfortable feelings, but resist giving in to them.

(6 Minutes)

Begin to lead your mind away from your breathing. Steer your focus to the physical feelings you are experiencing. Notice how your mind processes these sensations, and try to separate your feelings, thoughts, and body from each other.

Reflect on the thoughts you had.