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Day 5 - Distracting Thoughts

Your journey to find out how to meditate continues with lession 5.

It's perfectly normal to have distracting thoughts when you meditate. When distracting thoughts arise, simply acknowledge that they are present, focus your attention back to your breathing, and let them pass.

Music by J.S. Epperson


Using attention to your advantage allows you to live a freer and fuller life, and meditation can help you to see the various ways you are holding yourself back. After many more sessions, you will learn to absolve yourself from unnecessary thoughts, allowing your mind to become silent.

As you breathe, thoughts will slowly surface and fade away. When thoughts arise, realize that they are occurring and identify them directly. Don't fight your mind, simply recognize each thought and acknowledge that it appears. As thoughts fade, allow them to wander away and others to take their place.

(8 Minutes)

The content of each thought during meditation is not important. What matters is how you are thinking. What is the tone of your inner voice? Are you thinking in terms of images, words, or another form? Are the thoughts you are having strong or simply passively meandering through?

Are any emotions involved with each individual thought?