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Day 6 - The Sea

Learn how to meditate today, with lession 6.

As you progress, you'll be able to seperate your thoughts from your emotions. This is powerful, because it's your thoughts about a situation that cause emotions - not the situation itself.

Music by J.S. Epperson


Mindfulness gives you the choice to make wiser decisions, separated from your emotions. It is your thoughts about a situation that cause fear and anxiety, not the situation itself.

Continue to recognize your overall state. How are you feeling? What is the nature of your thoughts? Are you filled with desire of any nature? Be aware of your condition without acting upon it. Think to yourself how your mood is affecting you and how your body relates to it.

(9 Minutes)

Achieving mindfulness in a meditative state is similar to gazing towards the sea, allowing the world to pass you by without acting. It will take many more sessions to get here, but this is the destination you are heading towards.